Five Minute Friday - May 30 2014 - Nothing

Five Minute Friday: Prompt – “Nothing” Nothing.  Nothing is what has been written on this blog in quite some time.  I ambitiously started it about a little over a year ago.  My first few posts flew up quickly and it was fun.  Then I got busy with Life.  I began studying for a certification exam for my work just a few weeks after finding out I was pregnant with our first child.  I took the exam when I was about 4 months pregnant.  Then next 5 months were a whirlwind of baby classes, baby showers, baby shopping, and well, baby anything!  Then on March 31, 2013 (Easter Sunday) – we welcomed our son, Luke, into the world.  (I take pure enjoyment in the fact that he chose to come on his mother’s favorite holiday – instead of on his father’s desired day of April 1st to be an April Fool’s baby!).  Two weeks after my son was born, a friend of my – Richard Grimm announced on Facebook that he had written a book about a specific journey in his faith and the birth of his first grandson (the book is titled "Do You Believe in Modern Day Miracles" - Go check it out!)  I read the book during midnight feedings over the next few days.

Then I heard God’s call for me to finish the book I had started several years ago.  Not finish the book sometime in the future – work on it now.  “Ok God, may I remind you that I’m struggling to find time in the day to take a shower right now – and you think I can write a book!?”  But in true “God” fashion – he started showing me 20 and 30 minute segments of time to write the book.

I’m now done writing “When Light Meets The Dark” and am working on editing it and getting it ready for self-publication.  But, I haven’t written any blogs for quite a while because all my (very limited) writing time goes toward the book.

So here I am deciding to give up 5 minutes to write about why I have written nothing on my blog for the last year and a half!  Hopefully this is the start of SOMETHING different.  Stay Tuned!

Thanks for reading and please do go visit the other Five Minute Friday posts here…hopefully it will inspire you to get back to writing like it did me.  J  Also Thanks Meredith Bernard for writing a post that inspired me to get involved.

FYI – As part of my book writing process – I will probably be moving this blog in the future to a website – once I get that set up .

Happy Writing!

- Amy