Five Minute Friday: Hands

And we are approaching another Friday - which means another 5-minute blog post.  The topic this week is "Hands". Composite copy



On the wall of my kitchen – there are two pictures of hands with a prayer in the middle of them.  The first photo is a picture taken at my parents wedding 45 years ago.  It’s a picture just of their hands resting on my mom’s bouquet.  The second picture is from my own wedding 5½  years ago with my husband and my hands resting on my bouquet.  I specifically requested our photographer take this picture because my parent’s picture from their wedding had always been one of my favorites.  Looking at it would bring tears to my eyes – good tears.  I don’t know that I can explain it, but I look at those two young adult’s hands and know that I now see where they’ve come.   You can just feel the togetherness when you look at the picture.  If I were to take a similar picture of their hands today – they wouldn’t look the same.  Over the years, they’ve accumulated scars, age spots and yes, even a few wrinkles (don’t tell my mom I said that!)  But, the message conveyed would still be the same – we are in this together – I’ll be there for you always.  My husband and I would not look all that different if the picture was retaken now – just a short time later.  In our picture, I see the same promise of togetherness, the same promise to “lend each other a hand” when it is needed.  I know that over time our hands will also accumulate scars and wrinkles – just as our marriage and our hearts will.

The prayer card in the middle depicts a marriage prayer.  Every line of the prayer is great, but the one that struck me (and thus why I felt compelled to place it in a frame) is the last line: “Dear Lord, we put our marriage into Your hands, Amen.”  This prayer card was included with one of the wedding cards that came with our wedding gifts.  I honestly can’t tell you who it came from (it might be written on the back – but I’m not going to take the frame apart to find out).  As I read that prayer while opening gifts shortly after all the pomp and circumstance of the wedding was over – it brought tears to my eyes.  Sometimes, it still does.  I personally loved the image of God holding this marriage in His hands.

I’ve known so many couples who seemed to start out so strong – but their marriages quickly fell apart.  Both my husband and I agreed that we were only getting married once.  Divorce is not an option for us.  There have been times, when the only thing that kept us married is the fact we are both too stubborn to give up on the marriage – even if neither of us was happy.  But I would walk by this picture each day on my way out the door, and the prayer would remind me that God has our marriage in His hands and with Him – our union can withstand anything.

So, as I fold my hands in prayer tonight – I pray that each and every one of you feel the loving warmth of God’s hands surrounding you, your family, and your relationships. Amen


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