Finally - The Book is Done!

Again, it appears that I have sort of abandoned this blog.  Having a second child and finishing up the publishing of a book will cause that!  But yes, I have finally FINISHED MY BOOK - When The Light Meets The Dark: A Journey of Finding God and Forgiveness while Healing from Sexual Assault.  

I have to admit that coming to the end of this writing project is a little bittersweet.  When I started writing, I wasn't sure if it was even God's plan for the book to actually be published.  I had no timeline for how long it would take, just that I was called to write it.  There is a sense of accomplishment (and amazement) when I see the book for sale on  However, there is also a bit of a feeling of melancholy.  I have truly enjoyed writing this book.  The process reminded me how much I have always enjoyed writing.  There is something thrilling about sitting in front of an empty screen with my hands on the keyboard - ready to write.

I have no doubt that the end of this project will not be the end of writing for me (seeing as I'm writing a blog at the moment!).  I hope to be writing on this blog more regularly now, and I have some other writing projects floating around in my mind.

Hopefully, you'll be hearing from me more often on this page in the future.  In the meantime - click over to the "When The Light Meets The Dark" page to see where to buy the book if you are interested.