Sexual Assault Awareness Month Day 14

Sexual Assault Awareness Month Day 14 Fact: While rape can affect all ages, 44% or rape victims are under age 18, 80% are under age 30.‪#‎SAAM2016‬.

 I'm often asked at what age a parent should start talking to their children about sexual assault?  The youngest case I've worked where there was evidence a sexual assault had occurred was a 2 year old victim.  My youngest victim where sexual assault was suspected was 6 DAYS old.  So basically, if your child is old enough to be away from you, you should be talking to them (in age appropriate language) about sexual assault.

Many parents are hesitant to bring up rape to their children/pre-teen because they don't want to "take away their innocence" by telling them of the evil in the world.  My view is that opening their eyes to the evil through a conversation is better than having their innocence shattered if they fall prey to a predator.