Treatment Update - Taxol

I have now had 4 treatments of the drug Taxol.  These treatments are weekly and I will have a total of 12.treatments.  So, I am 1/3 of the way through my Taxol treatments and 1/2 way through all of my chemo treatments overall.

Taxol is reported to have less of an effect on the digestive system, and less of an effect on the immune system.  This is a good thing because it also means I don't use the Neulasta with these treatments - and that caused by far the most significant side effects for me.

As the A/C drugs have had time to be processed out of my body, and the Taxol has a more cumulative effect - it means at the moment, I feel remarkably normal (minus the lack of hair!).  My energy isn't quite where it was before chemo, and heat and sun still have an enhanced effect, but I have the energy to spend time with the boys, the pets, and in the garden - all things I absolutely love.  And, not to mention time to spend writing - even if it is at odd hours of the night/early morning!

One of the most common side effects of Taxol is neuropathy - tingling and numbness - in the fingers and toes, as well as drying effects on the nails.  So far, I have been able to avoid these effects.  I am hopeful that will continue.  Some have told me that they felt these efffects right away, others didn't feel them until close to the end of treatments, and some never got these side effects.  I am hopeful that the Prayers, positive attitude, nutritional supplements and vitamins, and essential oils I use specific to neural protection will keep these side effects to a minimum.

My attitude has stayed positive, this journey continues on and I am making the best of it.  I am embracing using head scarves (mostly) and occasionally hats as accessories, and slowly even becoming more comfortable just simply being bald.  (My boys like that so they can rub my head!).

I am so incredibly thankful for all the prayers that people are sending my way.  I truly believe that these prayers have made an incredible difference in my strength, my energy, and my attitude.  Prayer is a very powerful thing.  I have said that from the very first signs that this may be cancer, I have felt a strong sense of peace thet God's got this, and it will all be OK.  This is one step in my journey, and while it may be a long road, this too will someday be behind me.  So, if you are one of the many prayer warriors for me out there - keep up the prayers, I am doing great, but I still have a long journey ahead.    But with a positive, humorous attitude, my Faith, the power of Prayer, and my Family and Friends, I will persevere on.

Breast Cancer Prayer

This prayer was given to me by a member of my church congregation.  It is beautiful, and inspiring.


By Judy C. Kneece, RN, OCN


Lord, I have just received the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Still my anxious heart as I seek to understand why.

Teach me to transform this suffering into growth,

My great fear of tomorrow into faith in your presence,

My tears into understanding,

My discouragement into courage,

My anger into forgiveness,

My bitterness into acceptance,

My experience with cancer into my testimony,

My crisis into a platform on which I can learn to help others.

God grant that one day I can embrace this time as my friend,

and not as my enemy.