Places to Visit (In the Virtual Realm)

This is a place for me to give a shout out to some of the blogs/websites that I like to frequent to get information.  Jump on over to some of these sites - you won't be disappointed.  It is an ever changing list so stop back and see what I've added.

Forensic Health Online - This is the website of Jenifer Markowitz, a really smart gal who shares her knowledge and the interesting "stuff" she has come across on a regular basis.  (And by the way - she is a much more consistent blogger than I am!).

ROGER CANAFF's Website - This is the website of Roger Canaff, a really smart guy.  As a former prosecutor, he gives a unique perspective on many issues.  His blogs are not only informative, but also times quite humorous (in a sarcastic tone) to read.  Check it out.