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When the LIGHT meets the DARK: A Journey of Finding God and Forgiveness while Healing from Sexual Assault.

1 in 6 women reports being raped.  75-80% of rape victims know their attacker.  Only 25-30% of rape victims report their crime to the police.  Like pretty much every other woman, Amy Pollpeter never thought she would be a part of any of these statistics; but at the age of 16, she was raped by a former boyfriend and became a part of all three of these statistics.  Even though she knew about rape, she always believed it happened to someone else.  Not to someone like her.


This is the story of her journey from brokenness as a victim to strength as a survivor.  In the process she finds God, finds the true meaning of forgiveness, and develops a passion to raise awareness about sexual violence and bring hope to victims.  Using both her own experience, and knowledge from her career as a forensic biologist, she dispels the long believed myths about rape – its prevalence, its victims, and its perpetrators. 


God’s warm and loving light penetrated into her dark and secret silence to give her a voice.   She hopes her story shines God’s light into the darkness of other hurting people as well.

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In Addition, the book can also be purchased at PLOT TWIST book store in Ankeny, IA.